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   Free General Legal Forms

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Forms May not apply in your area
      Free legal forms include: Various state sepcific ADR forms, procedures and rules. Legal and ADR forms regarding employment, labor and general business are also available for download. From the American Arbitration Association.
  • Bankruptcy Forms Click to download the free Acrobat Reader
      Free legal forms include: Voluntary Petition, Involuntary Petition, Schedules and Lists, Proof of Claim, Order Confirming Plan, and more. From U.S. Courts.
  • Corporate and Securities Forms
      Free legal forms include: Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement, Promissory Note, Employment Agreement, Equipment Lease Agreement, Security Agreement, Indemnification Agreement, Non-Competition Agreement, Employees Stock Deferral Plan & Directors Stock Deferral Plan, Equity Based Long Term Incentive Plan, Indemnification Agreement, Liquidating Trust Agreement, Non-Employee Directors Deferred Compensation Plan, Restricted Stock Award Plan, Stock Appreciation Rights Plan, Standby Equity Agreement, Stock Option Plan, Stock Option Plan for Non-Employee Directors, Subordinated Debenture, Voting Trust Agreement and Voting Trust, and Warrant documents. 1,048 other legal forms and agreements available in WordPerfect or Word formats at nominal costs. From the Jefren Publishing Company.
  • Business and General Legal Forms
      Free legal forms include: Bulk Sale Agreement, Stock Purchase Agreement, Consulting Agreement, Indemnity Agreement, Promissory Note, Power of Attorney, Revocable and Irrevocable Trust Agreements, and Living Wills to name a few. Other free forms on subjects such as corporations, joint ventures, partnerships, employment matters, wills and trusts, are also included. From the 'Lectric Law Library.
  • Civil Litigation and Transactional Forms May not apply in your area
      Free legal forms include: A variety of complaints for use under the litigation section. From simple breach of contract to premises liabilty, and plenty in between. For transactional matters there are forms for such matters as employment, credit and collection, leases and tenancies, transfers and assignments, family matters, and more. From California attorney Eugene E. Kinsey.
  • General Legal Forms
      Free legal forms include: Contracts, General Releases, Lease Agreements, Promissory Notes, Employment Agreements, Corporate Minutes, Deeds, Proxies, Assignments, and many more. From Home Business Online.
  • General Legal Forms
      Free legal forms include: Estate planning, probate administration, financial planning, business and real estate forms and documents. From Law Made Easy Press.
  • General Legal Forms
      Free legal forms include: ADR, bailbonds, business and corporations, class action, consumer law, official court forms, creditor and collections, criminal law, estate planning, family law, labor and employment, lemon law, immigration, malpractice, personal injury, real estate, and workers compensation are but a few of the subjects for which free legal forms can be found. Sorted by State. From the Legal Resource Center at LawInfo.com.
  • General Legal Forms May not apply in your area
      Free legal forms include: Lease Agreements, Promissory Notes, Quit Claim Deeds, Warranty Deeds, Employment Agreements, Non-Compete Agreements, Articles of Incorporation (Ohio), Corporate Minutes, Bill of Sale, Power of Attorney, Simple Will, Trust Agreements, Assignments, Lines of Credit, Real Estate Purchase Contract, General Release, Mutual Release, Living Trust Agreement, and more. From the Ohio law firm of Bornstein & Naylor.
  • General Legal Forms May not apply in your area
      Free legal forms include: Health Care Proxy, Small Claims, Promissory Note, Real Estate matters, Eviction, and LLC documents. From the New York law firm of Friedman & Ranzenhofer, P.C.
  • General Legal Forms May not apply in your area
      Free legal forms include: Meta index of various legal forms from all around the country. From Goodmanlaw.com.
  • General Legal Forms May not apply in your area
      Free legal forms include: Power of Attorney, Affidavit, General Release, Promissory Note, Personal Guaranty, Anatomical Gift Donor Card, Quit Claim Deed, Warranty Deed (Florida), Mortgage Note, Satisfaction of Lien, Rental Application, Short Form Office Lease, Short Form Residential Lease, Lease Assignment, Articles of Incorporation (Florida), Corporate Resolutions, Corporate Minutes, Simple Will, Living Will, and other forms. From the Florida law office of Ernesto J. de la Fé, P.A.
  • General Legal Documents and Forms
      Legal subjects for free forms include: Bankruptcy, estate planning, family law, immigration, landlord-tenant, real estate, and others. From LawSmart.com.
  • Immigration and Naturalization Forms Click to download the free Acrobat Reader
      Free legal forms include: Immigration, naturalization, appeal, employment, and asylum forms. From the law firm of Siskind, Susser, Haas & Devine.
  • Law Practice Forms
      Free legal forms include: Checklists, Demand Letters, Fee Agreements, Litigation Practice Forms, Affidavits, Declarations, Various Applications and Orders, Answers, Demurrers, Complaints, Stipulations, Motions, and many more forms involving litigation. From the 'Lectric Law Library.
  • Legaldocs®
      Free legal forms include: Automobile Bill of Sale, Living Will, Promissory Note, Child Care Authorization, Request for Credit Report, Request to Correct Credit Report, various Insurance Claim forms. Input your data, and this site will return a fully prepared legal document ready to print from your computer. From USA Law Publications.
  • Legal Forms Archive
      Free legal forms include: Buying and Selling, Borrowing and Lending, Business Ventures, Credit and Collection, Employment, Leases and Real Estate, Protection of Legal Rights, Transfers and Assignments, Promulgated Corp. & Business, Promulgated Tax Forms, Estate Planning, Marital and Family, Name Change, Power of Attorney, Health Care and more. This site boasts having more than 1750+ free legal forms. From the Internet Legal Resource Guide (ILRG).
  • Letters, Forms & Notices
      Free letters and legal forms include: Acceptance, Acknowledgment, Approval and Denial, Assignment, Authorizations, Demand and Collection letters, Disclosure, Guarantee, Power of Attorney, Promissory Notes, Permission, and many more. From Home Business Online.
  • Letters and Legal Forms
      Free letters and legal forms include: Cohabitation Agreement, Premarital Agreement, Bill of Sale, Consulting Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), Confidentiality Agreement, Lease Agreements, Escrow Agreement, Deeds and Trusts, Power of Attorney, Wills, and more. All of which you can fill in online to generate a completed document ready to print and use. From LawInfo.com.
  • Real Estate Forms
      Free legal forms include: 3-day Notices, Leases, Rental Agreements, Deeds of Trust, Mechanic's Lien, Office Lease, Power of Attorney, Rental Application, Termination of Lease, Warranty Deed, and other real estate related documents. From Kaktus Productions.

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