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People Finder
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Note: Your people search will undoubtedly lead you to some of the many people finder resources on the Net that offer a basic free search that will produce only teaser results with more specific information purportedly being held back and offered at a premium fee. Paying these premium fees is not recommended. Many times all you get in return is limited information and not worth the money spent. Please use caution.

  • Reverse Telephone Directories Counsel's Choice Award
      Enter a telephone number and the resources found here will return the owner's name and address.
  • SearchSystems.net Counsel's Choice Award
      Geared more for the professional, this site has over 36,000 searchable public record databases. It very easy to get lost on this site because it has so much to offer. Free and premium databases are clearly marked.
  • ZabaSearch Counsel's Choice Award
      A good primary resource for finding people. Produces quality results.

  • Area Decoder
      This resource will return the general location and service provider of any telephone number.
  • Birthday Database
      Enter someone's name and this database will return the person's date of birth as well as location.
  • Classmates.com
      A great resource for narrowing down your search if you are unaware of the specific city or state that your search subject lives in. Easy to locate people in a broad search. Use a junk e-mail address when signing up to retrieve your search results.
  • FoneFinder
      A great resource for determining where a telephone number is generally located. You can search by telephone number, area code, prefix, city or zip code.
  • Google Earth
      A small piece of free software that allows you access to satellite photos and overlays streets and landmarks on top. Great for verifying whether an address is a house or apartment or postal annex. Enter an address and seemingly fly to the location. DSL speed or better recommended.
  • Newsgroup Search
      See if the person you are looking for has posted to any newsgroups for possible leads.
  • PeopleFinders.com
      A good general resource to gain more knowledge about a person. Will return city information and possible relatives. Anything more is fee based (not recommended).
  • Reunion.com
      Unbeknownst to many, this "reunion" service actually harvests the names of its members and sells them to leading online telephone and people directories. So, someone who may have an unlisted telephone number will now appear in various directories that subscribe to this database. Note: You have to sign up in order to get your search results. Use a junk e-mail address and information when signing up to retrieve your search results because they are overly e-mail'ish.
  • Reverse Address Directories
      Enter a street address the resources found here will return the owner's name and telephone number.
  • Trademark Search
      See if the person you are looking for owns any trademarks. If so, their address and contact information can be found. Be sure and select the field for your search, i.e., "Search by owner's name."
  • Verify Address for Accuracy
      Not sure the address you have is correct? Enter it here and the Post Office will verify it or return the correction. From the United States Postal Service.
  • White Pages Directories
      Enter a person's name and the resources found here will return the owner's address and telephone number if available.
  • Yahoo - People Search
      Not a very large database. Yields few results but is listed if nothing else pans out for you.

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