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      Long before such websites as Yahoo!, Excite, HotBot, AltaVista and even FindLaw were a gleam in someone's eye, our editor's were providing the online community with fast and reliable access to legal and govenmental resources via the Internet. In fact, in 1993, the search engine as we know it today did not exist yet and websites, legal and otherwise, were not easily found. Hence, the concept for Gavel2Gavel™ was born. At that time, Internet users could be measured in hundreds of thousands rather than by the hundreds of millions as today; the web browser Mosaic ruled the World Wide Web; America Online was still operating under its Geo DOS version; Microsoft Windows was in its infancy; computers were functioning with 16 MHz processors; hard drives were all of 10 megabytes; and a 2.4k baud modem was considered light speed.

      Many years have passed and our website continues to operate as a FREE online law library offering substantive, fully annotated, links to valuable legal and governmental resources. We have strived to help legal professionals, law students and laymen locate day to day and much needed legal information and resources in a quick, concise and easy to use manner. As we have watched the growth of the Internet we have learned two important things: (1) stay focused on our original mission; and (2) grow, not as the use of the Internet grows, but as the online information permits. The years leading up to the new millennium saw many websites fail. Growing too much, too fast. Faced with similar conundrums as many of our features and sections grew in size and popularity, we either broke them out as separate entities or merged similar interests together. This has allowed us to keep within the boundries of our original mission and the core of our Internet existence, to deliver pure substance rather than a zealous appeal. The words "Simply, Simplicity" hang over our founder's desk, reminding everyone at Gavel2Gavel™ that it's the simple things that endure and the extravagant things that flicker and fade away.

      The present day finds Gavel2Gavel™ still serving as your primary legal resource directory on the Internet offering thousands upon thousands of links to the most useful, informative and productive resources which we ourselves, as legal professionals, use on a daily basis. We also remain as one of the Internet's oldest legal directories.

      What separates our website from others is that we take that extra time to provide our visitors with a fully annotated description of each resource together with a view of its current URL. We feel that this allows our visitors and collegues to know exactly what to expect from the link. No surprises, no guessing! This in turn allows you to find your particular resource much faster, saving you time and your clients money. Each link has been specially hand picked to provide you with the best and most relevant information and resources in each category. We are not a search engine but rather a directory of the finest websites that both the Internet and legal community have to offer.

      We hope that you will bookmark Gavel2Gavel™ and use it often in the office, at home and on the road. If you have found Gavel2Gavel™ to be useful in an extraordinary way, please drop us a line so that we pass it along to our devoted committee of web professionals who work diligently, day after day, sorting through the vast galaxies of cyberspace to bring you only the finest and most current legal resources available. As always, please feel free to mention us to a friend or collegue. Your support is our success!

     Thank you for visiting Gavel2Gavel™ and for taking the time to learn more about us!

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